For only $35 a month you can change the life of a child in a small rural village in Kenya! 

Your child will get at least one nutritional meal a day, proper schooling, and learn about the good news of Jesus.  Your monthly sponsorship also supports the entire Rakwaro village of 70 families.  We visited the village in September, 2017.  The well is almost complete, and the school is growing!  We now have 150 children attending our little school!  We added classrooms, cooking boilers in the kitchen, and brought gifts and supplies for the entire village.  Next is the land.  We will be working on irrigation, crops and fish ponds.  In time, it is our vision that this village will stand strong for generations to come.  We have 157 children, of all ages, who need a sponsor.  You will receive regular emails from your sponsored child, and will also have the chance to join us on a future mission trip to the village. Please email me at for more information or any questions you may have. Crissy Christian -Child Sponsorship Director

Mary Millicent

Mary was born on 11/17/2007.  She lives with her aunt and two siblings.  Her mother died and the father was not able to take care of the children.  Getting her a sponsor will encourage her and give her hope.  Her sponsor number is #056

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Valary was born on 10/23/05 and is in grade 5. She is hard working and focused in whatever she is doing during school time. She wants to be a doctor. Having someone sponsor her and support her education will help her achieve her dreams. She is the only girl and the 3rd born in a family of five children, plus a cousin. Her sponsor number is #048.

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Many ask how can they possibly pick a child?  I keep only a handful of biographies on the website at a time, so it’s not so overwhelming for potential sponsors.  With that said, there will be one or two children who you are drawn to, and I believe that is the child for you.  What are the ages of your children?  Maybe choose a child close in age.  (They will be able to keep in touch on a regular basis via email.)


Washington was born on 11/3/2013. He is in grade 5 and the oldest of five children. He believes in the power of knowledge and would like to become a businessman someday. His sponsor number is #051

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We adhere to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) Standards and are in the process of obtaining membership. For more information on the ECFA “Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship” Please visit their website at: .

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