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Historically, Helping Hands International has sponsored over 100 children in Rakwaro, Kenya through Child Sponsors, like you, who commit to a monthly recurring donation.  These funds provide at least two nutritious meals a day, a school uniform, attendance at the local HHI Sponsored School, and lessons about the good news of Jesus.  AS OF AUGUST 2020, WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE WE HAVE EXPANDED THE PROGRAM to include children in Andhra Pradesh, India (see “Children Waiting” below).  Will you consider joining us by regularly contributing $38 to these children?  Your support will directly bless the children and indirectly benefit the more than 70 families in Rakwaro, Kenya and Andhra Pradesh, India.

Children Waiting

The following children are waiting for someone just like you to become their monthly sponsor! Your donation will provide at least two nutritional meals a day, proper schooling, a school uniform and an opportunity to  learn about the good news of Jesus.  Will you support a child today?

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Ronney Ochieng #114, DOB: 8/20/2011

Ronney is one of two boys in his family and his parents primarily work short term farming jobs.  He is currently learning at the Christian Dream School in Kenya but his goal is to eventually go to high school.  Will you consider sponsoring Ronney?

Glen Swabbies #121, DOB: 11/5/2011

Glen is in a family of four children and his parents are small business people who fish at Lake Victoria, Kenya.  He currently attends the Christian Dream school but his parents business has not been stable to due fluctuating fish harvests.  By finishing his education, Glen can help change the future of his family.  Will you consider sponsoring Glen?

Joylin Onyango #124, DOB: 12/1/2011

Joylin is in a family of four, her mother is a water vendor and her father is a handcart driver in Kenya.  She currently attends the Christian Dream School and needs a sponsor who will help support her educational dreams.  Will you consider sponsoring Joylin?

Gilbert Moses #131, DOB: 3/20/2012

Effey Akoth #132, DOB: 5/8/2003

Susan Auma #133, DOB: 6/28/2007

Emily Awuor #134, DOB: 3/03/2004

Margaret Cecilla #135, DOB: 9/21/2004

Jyothi Vaddi #I-2, DOB: 10/25/2001

Naveena Chinthapalli #I-4, DOB: 10/29/2007

Pavani Thommandra #I-6, DOB: 05/01/2002

Devi Saladhi #I-7, DOB: 10/01/2006

Sunny Dadala #I-8, DOB: 06/14/2007

Sayi Settibathula #I-9, DOB: 08/10/2000

Medapati Devi #I-10, DOB: 04/23/2010

Medapati Sunny #I-11, DOB: 04/21/2009

Chitumuri Dharmajaru #I-12, DOB: 06/23/2006

Ch. Durga Prasad #I-13, DOB: 03/09/2008

Dogga Teja #I-14, DOB: 10/14/2007

P Pavan #I-15, DOB: 07/18/2007

L. Udaya Kiran #I-16, DOB: 09/17/2006

L. Subramanyam #I-17, DOB: 01/07/2008

Pappala Neelima #I-18, DOB: 03/04/2010

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Sponsored Children love to send and receive communication from their Sponsors!  Click the following button to send us a note so that we can share your message with them today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will my sponsored child receive from this monthly donation?

A: Your sponsored child will receive at least two nutritional meals a day, proper schooling, a school uniform and learn about the good news of Jesus.

Q: What type of communication will we receive from our sponsored child?

A: You will receive regular emails and/or photos from your sponsored child and have the opportunity to join us on a future mission trip to the village!

Q: How many children are part of the Child Sponsorship program ?

A: We currently have over 100 children sponsored in Rakwara, Kenya and (as of August 2020) began expanding the program to include Andhra Pradesh, India.

Q: If I have any questions regarding the HHI Child Sponsorship program, who should I contact?

A: Please contact Crissy Christian ( or 541-538-8902) with any questions regarding the HHI Child Sponsorship Program. Thank you!

Meet Your Sponsored Child

Plan a Trip

Helping Hands International regularly takes volunteer groups to the Rakwaro, Kenya village, in part, to give Child Sponsors the opportunity to meet their sponsored children in person.  We invite you to let us plan your trip today!

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