We have adopted a small orphanage in Guadalajara with 11 special children. The kids have become like family to us and we are committed to long term care and ministry there. Here is a testimony from Pam Fronek, one of our amazing team leaders:

The Guadalajara team just got home after an amazing week. Our trip isn’t about building houses but about building relationships.

We took the kids shopping and bought them new clothes. The 4 newest children to the orphanage had never been in a Walmart and had never had the opportunity to even shop or have new clothes. The oldest of the new, Ever (pronounced Eber) was so overwhelmed and touched, he told Letty that now he knew God was real.

We don’t go change the world, we get to go encourage a new generation living in the poorest part of Guadalajara, who have been rescued from their parents and have been put in the loving care of Letty, Martha and Henry to follow Jesus and have a dream and change their world.

The family there appreciate all the sponsors and people who generously give to help support them. The Lord provides for them in so many amazing ways and they say “thank you”! The needs are great when there is a family of 11 children and every peso is spent wisely.

This was my 10th visit and each time I leave, a little more of my heart is left behind. It is hard to say good bye but Praise The Lord for Skype and the next trip that is always being planned before we even get home.

Thanks Ron for listening to The Lord and organizing short term mission trips for people like me who are afraid to make the first step and go on a mission trip. I didn’t change the world but God has changed mine!

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