Helping Hands International has historically ministered in two areas in Kenya, namely to a tribe called the Pokot and to a small village called Rakwaro.  The former tribe live in the bush in Northern Kenya, located in the Great Rift Valley, where the terrain is rugged and life is a struggle.  Here we have completed well drilling projects, helped with agricultural projects, malaria control and vacation bible school with the children! We have also shown the Jesus Film in the native language of Pokot.  In the small village of Rakwaro, we have primarily helped drill wells, completed agricultural projects, sponsored the local Christian Dream School and started a monthly Child Sponsorship program for children in the village.  In 2019, we continued these efforts by fixing three wells in Kiwawa, which provided water to approximately 1,000 people in the area, and by delivering goats, supplies and support to Rakwaro.  Please visit our Calendar page for more information related to scheduled trips or Contact Us if you have any questions regarding how you can be involved in this Service Project in the future!

Rakwaro, Kenya

Between October and November of 2019, we visited Nairobi, Kenya on our way to our ultimate destination in Rakwaro, Kenya.  In Rakwaro, we ministered to the local villagers and children over a two week period, during which we built a shade net, installed a drip system, planted wormwood seed (which is a plant with anti-malaria properties) and spent time blessing the children who are part of the HHI Child Sponsorship program.  Below are a few pictures taken by Team Leader Crissy Christian to capture this amazing Service Project.  Please, visit our Child Sponsorship page today to see how you can partner with HHI to continue sponsoring these children – thank you!

Nairobi’s Mathare Slums

In 2019, we visited Nairobi’s Mathare slums and met with a Principal of local school who informed us that the children at the school (and the community at large) were recently impacted by the lack of clear water (see video below for more information).  As a result, HHI has decided to raise donations for a new Well in this area.  If you are interested in contributing all or a portion of this $20k goal, please visit our Donation page.  Thank you!

Kiwawa & Rakwaro

In 2019, we were able to fix three wells in Kiwawa, Kenya which were close to 140-170 feet deep and ultimately provided water for approximately 1,000 people.  We were also able to show the Jesus film, saw responses that ranged from crying to people coming forward to give their live’s to Christ while others were baptized.  In Rakwaro, we were able to visit the Christian Dream School sponsored by HHI, interact with the locals and present three goats to families of sponsored children.  Will you considering giving to our Child Sponsorship program or joining us on our next Service Trip?

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