Kiwawa, Kenya

April 18-May 2, 2020 (POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19) | Kiwawa, Kenya

Thank you for your interest in joining Helping Hands International on our next service project to Kiwawa, Kenya!  Below is an  overview of the trip, including important information like costs, dates, detailed list of activities and Team Leader information.  Please contact us if you have any questions!

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About Kiwawa

This is a remote village located in the Northwest portion of Kenya, specifically near the border of Uganda.  People’s transportation largely consists of walking or maybe an available bicycle. With the help from the locals Helping Hands International was able to send a team of 12 people to Kiwawa to renovate a local medical clinic in 2019.  We are happy to announce there is now a full time Nurse working in the clinic and living in Kiwawa. This is life changing not only for the village of Kiwawa but for the entire surrounding area.  Helping Hands International is blessed to have Carolee Hamilton, the daughter of Dick and Jane Hamilton (see “A Deeper Look” link below for the background story of these amazing missionaries), co-leading this year’s service trip with Dana Plankenhorn.  Please see below for more information about this year’s trip and our 2020 Team Leaders!

2020 Team Leaders

Service Project: Kiwawa, Kenya

Carolee Hamilton
Carolee Hamilton

Team Leader, Helping Hands International

Dana Plankenhorn
Dana Plankenhorn

Team Leader, Helping Hands International

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How to Register

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Important Dates:   Application Due – 02/21/20                                                                      Deposit Due –  2/28/20                                                                                Final Payment Due – 3/20/20

Trip Details

Cost: $1200 ($200 deposit), less airfare & Dates: April 18-May 2, 2020 (POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19)

Overview and Activities
This service trip will include: Repairing wells providing water for hundreds of people, Remodeling outpatient medical housing facilities, installing a security fence around the medical clinic, installing electric grinding mill for community and baptizing local villagers. The effects of these projects for this village will last for generations. The out patient dorms will provide the opportunity for the nurse to care for more serious cases. By foot is the most common mode of transportation. People come from miles away to be treated for various types of diseases, conditions and give birth. They will now be able to recover before making the long trek home. The fence will provide much needed security for the clinic from breaks ins. People break in in search of medicine and supply’s. By installing a grinding wheel the village will not only be able to make their own Maze (ground corn) eaten daily as one of their main sources of nutrition. The village will be able to grind Maze and sell it for profit. There are very little revenue streams available to them so this would open up lots of opportunity to help the village be self sustainable.
Tentative schedule
Day 1-3

– Arrive in Nairobi eat and get settled in.

– Spend some time at local partner ministries

– Visit the Marthare slums

Day 4

– Fly to Katali and drive to a grocery store to purchase food and supply’s for the time in Kiwawa.

– Drive the remaining 4 hours to Kiwawa.

– Meet the villagers short time of fellowship before settling in, unpacking and dinner.

Day 5-11

This is the project specific time of the trip and will consist of:

– Well repair

– Installation of safety fence

– Out patient dorm repair

– Nightly village outreach showing the Jesus film in their native language.

– Church service followed by baptisms and a celebration feast

Day 12

– Travel back to Nairobi

Day 13

– Safari in large game park

Day 14

– Wake up and travel home

Passport and Visa requirements

Please be sure to read specific passport and visa requirements listed here, per the U.S. State Department.

U.S. and Canadian citizen (adult or child): Must have a current passport with the expiration date no later than 6 months of your return date.

All other countries (not a US citizen): Current passport, plus B-2 Visitor’s visa or current green card

Each person will be asked to obtain a visa for our trip when they arrive in Kenya. The cost is $50 cash

Dress code
No undergarments showing at any time (guys and gals)
Dresses/skirts for outreach should be mid-calf to ankle if your not wearing pants
No tight fitting shirts (girls) especially those that barely meet the top of the pants when moving or stretching (e.g. showing bellies)
No tank tops, low-cut or scoop neck for girls (sleeveless is ok)
No skimpy clothing worn to and from the dorms to the showers
No skimpy shorts/skirts
Men cannot take off their shirts
Lodging and Food

We stay at a mission house located in Kiwawa village. The base was built by Jane and Dick Hamilton to house teams. It has 6 bedrooms equipped with beds and mosquito nets. The base is also equipped with showers, bathrooms, a kitchen and a large eating/meeting area. The food consists of goat, maize, chicken, collard greens local fruits, and even pancakes.  And, yes don’t worry, there is coffee!

Transportation consists of land cruiser and/or local trucks and vans. There is also opportunity to walk around the village and local landmarks.
Health and Safety

Helping Hands International recommends you follow those health and safety recommendations readily published by the CDC and Travel Alert program offered by the US State Department, as well as those recommended by your personal physician. Please note, if you take prescription medicines, please check with your local pharmacist to ensure the medicines are not considered a controlled substance in the location you are traveling.

A Deeper Look

Helping Hands International has been serving in this location for over 15 years, thanks to the pioneering work of Dick and Jane Hamilton, who began their missionary work there more than 25 years ago. Over the past several years Dick and Jane were able to witness and share the gospel with thousands of people while they lived in the community with the local people. They had the opportunity to build a mission base in the village that is still being used today by Helping Hands International for yearly projects. Over the last 15 years Helping Hands International has had the opportunity to do projects such as: Installing a brand new community well with a holding tank and a solar pump. This well provides water for the entire village consisting of hundreds of people and completely changed the village. Helping Hands completely remodeled an existing medical clinic and got it to a usable state again. The medical clinic was put in years ago by Dick and Jane. Over time the doctor who operated the clinic relocated and it became run down. All of the clinic’s interior walls were eaten by termites, the roof developed holes and ultimately was over run with bats. The clinic required a complete interior demo and overhaul with new interior bricks, plaster walls, windows, water tank for plumbing, roof panels, and a brand new exterior metal stair system for attic access. The importance and need of this clinic is great. It is one of the only options for people seeking medical help within 75 miles!

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