Latest News: October 2019

Helping Hands International has been busy with a few of projects this month, including an Inner City Outreach to San Francisco, California, a Missions Outreach opportunity at Table Rock Fellowship (see video below) and a Service Project to Kenya. 

See how God used HHI Volunteers, to bring help and hope to hurting people by sharing the love of Jesus through practical means (which ranged from homeless street ministry, to installing lights, to repairing doors a local YWAM base), and through the teaching and preaching of our own Founder, Ron Ashpole, at three serves at Table Rock Fellowship.  Click the YouTube Video below to hear about what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus!  We also have a group of volunteers heading to Kenya at the end of this month to serve those in need in Rakwaro – please be praying for them as they prepare to leave!

Finally, this month we are planning to hold our annual HHI Celebration Banquet, scheduled for October 26, 2019 at Bigham Knoll’s Ballroom in Jacksonville, OR (e.g. near the SchoolHaus Brewhaus).  We invite you to join us to hear more about how our 2019 Service Projects have impacted the lives of those we serve as well as our HHI Volunteers.  If you are interested in coming to this event, please Contact Us today as space is limited.

To God be the Glory!

Helping Hands International Staff

San Francisco, CA, USA

We completed a Inner City Outreach project in the San Francisco Bay area in order to show the love of Jesus to the homeless and make needed repairs to local YWAM facility.  A special thanks to the nine (9) person team of volunteers who went to this area, despite the power outages across the State and fires in surrounding areas, to provide practical hands-on care to those in need!

Central Point, OR, USA

Our Founder, Ron Ashpole, was invited to preach at three services at Table Rock Fellowship.  While he shared about Helping Hands International’s short term missions, he more importantly addressed how each of us is equipped to serve the Lord, whether at home or abroad.  We all have something to give when it comes to serving others for the Lord!  Would you consider allowing God to use you to be the hands and feet of Jesus?  We invite you to volunteer with us today!

Rakwaro, Kenya

Approximately 10 volunteers will be serving in Rakwaro, Kenya for almost two weeks to meet the needs of Helping Hands International’s Child Sponsorship program and Christian Dream School.  Specific projects this year will include building a drip irrigation system, installing shade nets and a walking bridge!

Latest News: September 2019

Helping Hands International has been busy with several Service Projects this Summer, including trips to Africa, India, Mexico and within the USA (see below).  See how God used HHI Volunteers to bring help and hope to hurting people by sharing the love of Jesus through practical means, which ranged from building homes, to repairing wells, to demolishing walls, to sharing the love of God by showing the Jesus film!  We also invite you to browse our web site and save the date for our annual HHI Celebration Banquet, scheduled for October 26, 2019 at Bigham Knoll’s Ballroom in Jacksonville, OR (e.g. near the SchoolHaus Brewhaus), to hear more about how these projects impacted the lives of locals and HHI Volunteers.

To God be the Glory!

Helping Hands International Staff


Malawi, Africa

We completed a scouting trip to a small village in the
area in order to connect with a Southern Oregon
missionary from Ashland Christian Fellowship and
assess future projects in the area. A three (3) person
team of volunteers visited this missionary and looked
at the possibility of completing miscellaneous building
projects, helping local school children and starting a
child sponsorship program in 2020. Everything looks
great for sending future teams!

Andhra Pradesh, India

We completed a scouting trip to connect with a local pastor who HHI has been in contact with for over a decade and who oversees a local orphanage. Besides the privilege of walking in the Pastors’ shoes for over a week (e.g. attending baptisms, one house dedication, a local wedding and dowry service), we also spoke at four church services and ultimately committed to coming back in 2020 to finish building the orphanage facility for the 30 orphans.

Vicente Guerrero, Mexico

We sent four (4) teams, with a total of approximately 175 volunteers, to Mexico this year and were able to successfully build a total of eleven (11) homes.

Kiwawa & Rakwaro, Kenya

In Kiwawa we were able to fix three wells that were close to 140-170 feet deep and ultimately provided water for approximately 1,000 people.  We also showed the Jesus film, saw responses that ranged from crying to some people coming forward to give their live’s to Christ, to people being baptized.  In Rakwaro, we were able to visit the Christian Dream School sponsored by HHI, interact with the locals and present three goats to families of sponsored children.

Outback, Alaska

A group of 28 volunteers (comprised of Fireman/EMTs, Contractors, Engineers, Pastors, Doctors, Nurses, young people of retired individuals) served at Covenant Bible Camp (outside of Unalakleet).  During this trip, we were able to complete several projects, including but not limited to: built two (2) cold weather cabins (including posts, beam foundations, decks, railing, stairs), insulated walls and sub-floors, built four (4) single bunks, four (4) benches and four (4) new sawhorses, hauled trees and brush and raised $361 for scholarship fund through the sales of Cayak T-shirts.

Medford, Oregon

Approximately 40 volunteers served over 7 days to demolish a retired fire station for Youth71five Ministry, which plans to finish construction on what will ultimately be a two-story youth center in the heart of downtown Medford that will allow them to build mentoring relationships with at-risk youth.

Helping Hands International

Helping Hands International is a nondenominational Christian Organization dedicated to sending teams throughout the world to bring help and hope to hurting people. Sharing the love of God through practical help is our primary Goal.

Financial Accountability

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