Helping Hands International had the amazing opportunity to partner with some locals this Summer looking to make a huge difference in their community.  Specifically, we were able to be part of building a community center six hours outside the capital of Kathmandu in the mountains of Sulsing. It was a long journey up into the hills but we eventually reached the facility at 7,500 feet and Trekkers Lodge accommodations was at nearly 9,000 ft in elevation. HHI Staff and Volunteers found the locals to be amazingly hospitable, loving and kind. It was a trip of a lifetime with many more partnership opportunities to come!  Please visit our Calendar page for more information related to scheduled trips or Contact Us if you have any questions regarding how you can be involved.


Nepal is located in South Asia and consists of almost 30,000,000 people.  Nepal has a host of ethnicity present. East Asian mixed people as well as Indo-Aryans live in the mountains and hilly regions of the country, while Tibetans inhabit the central and western part of Nepal. As a result, Nepal can boast of a multi-ethnic population that also houses a host of different cultures that are shared by its inhabitants. Nepal also has many different religions present, most significantly Hinduism and Buddhism, but minorities of Muslims and Christians are present as well. The World Factbook gives us a breakdown:

Hindu 81.3%

Buddhist 9%

Muslim 4.4%

Kirant 3.1%

Christian 1.4%

Other 0.5%

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